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A One Home Care is a recent recipient of "THE LIGHTHOUSE AWARD" The award was provided for always being dependable and consistent with the care of our clients.
Founded in 2005, A One Home Care is a leading innovator, market leader and service provider in the Metro Atlanta area.  Our company was started by a caring  team of parents of a special needs child who are well aware of the challenges of the disabled and elderly. The idea was and will always be to improve the quality of services and life for this population.
Our caring and compassinate staff is committed and dedicated to improving the health and lives of people.  Our professionals provide round the clock services to meet and exceed our patients needs.  We know we offer quality care because our patients tell us so.
Our Mission
Our primary mission is to focus on people and their well being not simply on their problems and disease.  A Company built on a desire to serve the community...
•Improve the quality of care and the quality of life.
•Optimize people’s health and ability to function.
• Help people cope physically and emotionally with decline. 
Our Philosophy
Our philosophy is to engage best caregiver to learn and understand your needs and provide safe, caring, comfortable and peacful homely environment.
Ensure that the quality of patient care is in accordance with
established guidelines provided by the Department of Human Resources.