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“I just want you to know how much I appreciate your help with my Dad.  You are very helpful, the cleaning, the patience, humility and concerns are all wonderful and appreciated qualities good deeds." 
Thank you
Rhonda Wright...Patients Daughter
“I am disabled, paralayzed elderly man.  I had NO HELP.  I can not cook, clean, shower myself.  I was introduced to "A One Home Care, and it changed my LIFE.  They guided my through the process and got me an excellent aid who look after me like a daughter.”
Phung V Mai...70 year old patient
“We have a team of people to handle the medical appointments, the prescriptions, the day-to-day pain management and so much more. This means I can just slow down and really BE with my father during this difficult time. We’re having time to just talk and I know it means the world to him.”
Daughter of patient with terminal illness